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laser cutting machine

Precise. Clean. Efficient.

Emtek’s vast production capabilities offer the widest range of adaptability and versatility of laser profile cutting in Ontario.

The laser has long been associated in manufacturing with meeting the demands of precision and finish, and for a good reason. Adaptable and dependable, laser cutting can be used with a wide range of material and offers a plethora of unique benefits over yesterday’s profile cutting methods. In fact, laser cutting is generally considered the go-to process industry-wide in a multitude of industrial sectors. Everything from automotive and aerospace, nuclear, defense, architectural, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and many other forms of component profiling use this adaptable manufacturing technique.

Benefits and features

Laser cutting is one of today’s most affordable subtractive machining processes. It offers a high precision final product using state-of-the-art CNC laser technology.

high precision laser cut alloys

High precision

The high degree of precision and limited material burnt away allow the components being processed to be nested to as close as 0.0625” spacing. When processing stainless steel to high alloy, this material savings could significantly reduce input material costs based on less materials being required.

laser cut component


In many cases the material usage savings as well as efficiency off-sets labour costs vs. traditional methods such as plasma/flame cutting.

laser cut alloy

Reduce or Eliminate Secondary Processing

Precision is highly consistent (standard cut tolerances of +/-0.008″), since the laser beam does not wear during the process. There is also a reduced chance of warping the material that is being cut, as laser systems have a small heat-affected zone. Some materials that can be laser cut are also very difficult or impossible to cut by more traditional means.

Machine Capabilities

Laser (12Kw Fiber): 80″ x 160″, Max 0.75″ thk
Laser (Co2): 60″ x 120″, Max 0.625″ thk
Laser (6Kw Fiber): 60″ x 120″, Max 0.75″ thk

Emtek’s laser cutting division boasts best-in-class technology that offers the precision and affordability you require. Let’s make it happen!

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