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water jet tight tolerances

Heavy Material. Tight Tolerances.

Emtek’s state of the art dynamic head and 87,000 PSI processing capability creates high precision erosion to allow for smooth finishes and tight tolerances on even the thickest and hardest of materials.

Waterjet cutting is often considered a substitute or primary process for precision machining in the manufacturing process. It offers many benefits that traditional machining methods can not achieve. This is especially true when the materials being cut are sensitive to the introduction of heat from contact associated with other methods. Waterjet cutting is generally popular in industries including, but not limited to water treatment, aerospace, mining, nuclear, oil and gas and architectural applications requiring a high degree of aesthetic edge quality.

Employing Flow Waterjet’s patented Dynamic Head processing mode Emtek can ensure that not only are your parts cut within dimensional tolerance but also a produced with a minimal amount of taper compared to non-dynamic waterjet processing offered by the competition.

Benefits and features

Contrary to what it may seem, waterjet cutting is not truly cutting. It is a highly concentrated rapid erosion. Using this process, Emtek is able to provide high precision components from plates up to 6” thick of even the densest of raw materials.

water jet processing no heat

No Heat Introduced to Materials

The most common benefit of water jet cutting is the ability to cut material without interfering with the material’s inherent structure as there is no “heat-affected zone”. Minimizing the effects of heat allows metals to be cut without harming or changing intrinsic properties. Water jet cutting produces highly intricate profiles in material.

water jet high precision tolerances

High precision tolerances

The high precision tolerances that water jet achieves have the ability to greatly reduce or in some cases even eliminate the need for post process machining. This advantage sets water jet processing apart from traditional plasma/flame cutting. Waterjet offers the tightest tolerance that would otherwise only be achieved in machining applications.

water jet processed alloys smooth finish

Smooth Finish

Since waterjet processing is done by a method of erosion. It creates a finish that is true of the material being processed, since no other elements are being introduced to the material. This is of great benefit in sanitary applications as well as in an effort to avoid unnecessary secondary processing.

water jet processing machine

Machine Capabilities

Water Jet Processing Capabilities: 78″ x 155″, Max 6″ thk

Edge quality for water jet cut parts is defined with the quality spectrum of A, B, or C.

Quality level A indicates a rougher edge finish while B is considered standard. C is considered the smoothest finish for applications that require the superior edge quality. This requires significantly longer cutting time but reaches a heightened degree of finish and square.

Water jet cut components are a great addition to your manufacturing process, offering clean, high-precision components that reduce the need for post-process machining. Add them to your production today!

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