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Supply from world leading mills & distributors

Professionally sourced. Emtek strategically has multiple sources for every material we offer. Our supply chain is global.

stainless steel and duplex materials

Stainless steel & Duplex materials

Stock and access to the most common stainless steel & duplex materials for your applications

nickel alloys

Nickel alloy & Aerospace aluminum

High performance materials for our worlds most critical applications. Emtek has extensive knowledge and experience processing these offerings.

alloy polishing machine

Aluminum, steel, & exotic materials

Utility grade aluminum, cast aluminum plate, commerical steel, pressure vessel grade steel, galvanized, copper, brass. Emtek processes a variety of grades every day.

With the ability to source some of the rarest and most exotic metals on this earth, Emtek promises we will find a fit for your needs. Let’s get started!

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